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Gordon Cohen

Here I am at about 4 or so With my Grandfather, Michael Kohn. Behind him is my Grandmother, Dora Kohn. To her left is my Aunt Selma Handleman, her husband, my Uncle Sam Handleman, and my mom Charlotte Cohen on the left end.

Gordon Cohen

The above pic is from when most of you guys knew me. I was about 22 here.

Gordon Cohen

70's Hippie and Blue Grass Festival Days -

Me and Diane

Gordon Cohen

August 2002


Gordon Cohen

Gordon Cohen

Gordon and Seder

update May 31st 2009

Today was one special day for me. I was able to remember and track down my Blood First Cousin (from my dad's side) and speak to Shelley for the first time in over 35 years...for a good hour. We then spoke that next night for about another hour. What a tremendous feeling to talk with some one who is not only your blood relative but who you have known, and who knows you since little children. Shelley has such a great memory of Grandma, Grandpop, and Michele and even Valerie, and especially my father. She brought me up to date with her family as well. I just can't tell you all how much this meant to me. Shelley was wonderful to me!!!

Will write more and add some updates to this later.


My sister Susan Cohen was living in California for the past 21 years. Her health has been seriously failing her for 15 years. Susie-Q (as I called her) passed away October 15, 2006. She was living in Marina Del Rey California. Luckily I got to be with her for 8 days before she passed. Sue had bad MS. But ultimatly breast cancer too her away.

Mom and dad and much of the family have all passed many years ago too.

I purchased Seder (my wonderful dog) in 1993 during the Jewish Holiday, Passover. Hence her name, Seder (pronounced Seyder). She was a part of my family, (she was MY family). I loved her very much. Seder passed away August 26th, 2006 after giving me 13 years of wonderful companionship and all the love in the world.

And there was Dana, my xgirlfriend of about 7.5 years.

Of course there is my very dear friend whom I will NEVER ever forget, who passed away March 5th, 2009, Lynn Briggs, Lynn A Briggs, Lynn Angel Briggs

Over on this link there are some pictures of my close, close, close, CLOSE friend Lynn Briggs.

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Hey, if I'm the old friend from childhood days, (did we play stick ball) school or work, email me.

A bit about me

See Family Tree (page is a constant work in progress)


Born in Baltimore, Maryland. Lived at 1519 Aisquith Street below North Avenue. My Gandparent had a confectionary store there too. Penny candies and such.

Moved to Park Circle. Attending Franklin D. Roosevelt Elementary School #18. I lived with mom and dad, It was a row home with two apartments, upstairs from my grandparents (moms side) at 3417 Reisterstown Road right at Park Circle. Then after completing the 6th grade, off to Pimlico Junior High and a move to 5300 block of Gist Ave. with mom and dad.

These were the days of my life. Riding my bike, playing football, stick ball, punch ball, softball, step ball and "flippsies" with either baseball cards or football cards on . The good old Pinkie was the ball of choice for most of these things, except football and softball of course. There was this BIG (what we call big at 14 years old) empty lot behind Schwartz caddilac lot where we played softball and football.

The Lubitz's, especially Larry, and the Rosenkoffs, Ronnie and Howards, house backed up to one side of the lot, while Harvey and Ronnie Pollack's house was one that backed up to the other side of the lot. We all played ball every chance we had. Ronnie Wolf's house backed up the another side of the lot.

During Baltimore City College (it is actually a high school) I was residing on Gist Ave.with mom. At 15 or 16 one summer I moved to Coral Gables Florida to live with dad for a while. Then back to moms until dad moved back to Baltimore. I was 16 or 17 when dad moved back to Baltimore. He then moved back to Baltimore hiself to Cross Country Apartments and I moved with him for a short time (mom and dad divorced when I was about 11-14). Then at 17 I enlisted into the Army for a VERY VERY brief time.

Remember the beautiful red head I went out with for two years when I was 19? Valerie Gurwitz? She and I lived in an apartment in a very old, large home on the top of the hill on Northern Parkway and Falls Rd for a while. And then into an apartment, which was the second floor of a row home on the corner of Echodale Ave and Belair Rd. Then to a town house near Windsor Mill Rd and Forest Park Ave for the last year where is we separated .

Then I think I went to a basement apartment on Park Heights Ave, back to Fox Hall Village Apts (moms) for a month or so, Seven Mile Lane, to St Peterburg Florida, back to Baltimore on Bellona Ave., Fallstaff Rd, and the last 24 years still on ****** Dr. in Pikesville, MD.

Lived in Maryland almost all of my life. (Except in 1985 I moved to St. Petersburg, Florida). Mom got sick so I moved back to Randallstown to be with her. And I have remained here in the Pikesville ever since. Valerie is still here in Randallstown.. After 35 years of not speaking we are friends now.

Much later on in life (about 40 years old) I took a few computer courses at Catonsville Community College.

I keep in touch with cousins Rhona Kohn, and cousin Gary Handleman. I also keep in touch with newly loacted cousin Shelley C. which is wonderful.

There are many things that are a blur and I do not remember. So please enlighten me to anything that you may remember that I do not.

Back Then Hang Outs

Going VERY far back...About 9-11years old walking to The Avalon Movie Theater from home at Park Circle. From home on Gist Ave. The Crest Theater, entering through the side Emergency Exit door on many occasion. :-) Hilltop Diner, in the Neptune Room, and Mandel Ballow Restaurant using the pay phone booth, (yes a booth with a chair and a folding door) downstairs and being able to pop the coin return just at the right second and with just a nickel get you dial tone.. And Benny's Pool Room on Belvedere, Knocko's Pool Room on Liberty Heights. Also at about 15-18 years old Ginos, then Amaches. Then as I got "older, LoL", Hot Shop Jr, Burger Chef, Amy Joy's Donut Shop, Toddle House, and the old Saturday hangout, Reisterstown Road Plaza....whew.

I have been looking for a lot of old friends from those places. Where in the heck is Lois Dittinger? (we are still looking)? And Kim Mullinix (guess what, Kim popped in but disspeared again:-) Now lets find Donna Landsman and Lois from Pikesville too PLEASE.

Some Particulars...

Brown Hair - no gray yet (none that I'll admit too)

Blue Eyes, 5'9", 250 LB's.

Date Of Birth 10/14/**

Social Security Number - YEAH RIGHT

Address - Home is Pikesville, Maryland

Phone - I have one

Employment - 25 years in my own appliance repair business. Now - do to back problems I retired.

Single -

More Recently

All day I was a news junkie switching from watching MSNBC, FOX News, and a bit of CNN while I am at the PC doing a bit of everything. Reading some news articles and always learning more about tech stuff.

I was into the low carb thing for the year (2003-04). I began at 255 lbs. I lost as much as 55 lbs. I seem to have settled at 205. Maybe I'll get back into the diet again and loose some more, but for now I took a break.

edit....12/09/2006 I gained it all back. :(

I am coffee lover. I tried coffees from all over the world and I use the French Press method that Ray Franklin turned me on to for brewing. One day soon I will try out roasting my own.

I use to smoke a cigar once in a while when I can afford a good cigar. I have stopped smoking.

I'm also a big water drinker. I used go to a place on Heneryton Rd to an under ground spring and fill up my five gallon containers. I bring em home, place them onto a water cooler I have in the kitchen. Now I am lazier than ever and use the faucet :)

Map of Henryton Rd
Woodstock, MD 21104

whats left of the family

First Cousins: Gary Handleman, Linda Handleman Mondel, Rhona Kohn-Sober, Barry Kohn, Marcy Kohn, Shelley C.

Aunt: Beverly Kohn


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